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Month: February 2018

E-signature’s and the Law: A Practical Guide

The so-called “e-sign” law is a federal law that makes the signature on a contract valid if it is signed electronically, unless it is prohibited by agreement or by some State laws. Phil Green was the Chair of the California State Bar– Standing Committee on Cyberspace Law at the time the State of California was…
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What Can A Copyright Do For You

What Copyright DOES NOT Protect? Copyright does not protect the idea itself, in fact, ideas are as “free as the wind.” There is a “Common law copyright” in unfixed ideas, and this subsists in the expression of the ideas on “canvas.” Once fixed in a tangible medium the protections and evidentiary effects of the Copyright…
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Trademark Buzz-words Everyone Should Know

Trademarks are words, symbols or devices used to distinguish the goods or services of one business from those of others. Throughout this article the word “mark” us used to mean both Trademarks and Service Marks; the difference is the type of basic use, either for goods or services. What I state for marks generally applies…
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